Effects of Testosterone Suspension

The effects of Testosterone Suspension are the same as all testosterone compounds when it comes to its functional traits. However, due to this steroid’s unique state of existence the effects of Testosterone Suspension are displayed in their own unique way. With most testosterone compounds, the overall effects build slowly over time, and while there are varying levels of speed with each form nothing noticeable is going to happen overnight. This is not the case with Testosterone Suspension. As an injectable steroid with no ester attached, you will notice a testosterone spike after only a few injections. As a result, the effects of Testosterone Suspension are rapid, and while they may not be instantaneous they’ll be about as close to instant as can be.

The Effects of Testosterone Suspension on Mass:

Carrying strong anabolic properties, the effects of Testosterone Suspension will yield tremendous gains in muscle mass in record time. This is good news for the performance enhancing athlete, as this is the primary reason the compound is used. By providing a sharp increase in testosterone levels, greatly enhanced protein synthesis, nitrogen retention and IGF-1 production, the individual is enabled with the ability to make better use of these internal functions and grow like a weed. Of course, some of the growth is likely to be water retention, and it is very easy for such retention to get out of control. This steroid carries a significant amount of aromatase activity, but it can be controlled with proper use. By controlling aromatase with Aromatase Inhibitors, the effects of Testosterone Suspension will lead to substantial lean tissue gains, making it an excellent steroid for related off-season growth.

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The Effects of Testosterone Suspension on Strength:

While the effects of Testosterone Suspension are undoubtedly mass friendly, they are equally friendly for promoting strength. Due to its rapid acting nature, this makes the effects of Testosterone Suspension perfect for any athlete as strength is the end all be all of athletic performance. As an added bonus, the effects of Testosterone Suspension cannot be detected for a long period of time, about three days making it a solid choice for the tested individual.

The Effects of Testosterone Suspension on Overall Performance:

In many ways, increases in mass can be linked to enhanced performance and increases in strength most certainly fit the bill. But when it comes to the overall performance effects of Testosterone Suspension, this is where we’re referring to enhanced muscular endurance, overall energy levels, and the individual’s ability to recover. By the effects of Testosterone Suspension, each and every one of these areas is improved upon, and as a result improving the total outcome of the individual’s desired goals. Through such actions, the individual will not tire out as fast, his damaged muscle tissue will heal faster, and as healing is what leads to progress more progress is made. In the end, this all leads to a more efficient individual, a more effective athlete, and all around an atmosphere that’s perfect for reaching your performance related goals.