Testosterone Suspension


Testosterone-Suspension is comprised of pure 100% testosterone, the same steroidal hormone found in the popular Testosterone-Cypionate, Testosterone-Enanthate or any other form you can find. The distinguishable difference between Testosterone-Suspension and other testosterone forms is that Testosterone-Suspension carries with it no ester; there is no ester attached, meaning the entire mass of each milligram is pure testosterone. As there is no ester attached this means there is no half-life, meaning the hormone is active the minute it hits the blood stream. Further, as indicated by the name, Testosterone-Suspension is normally suspended in water and not oil as are most other testosterone forms.

As this is an ester free testosterone, injection frequency will necessarily be very high. To efficiently use Testosterone-Suspension we must inject it at a minimum every single day with two to three injections per day of equal size being the most effective and efficient. However, as Testosterone-Suspension is already a painful injection multiple injections can become quite bothersome and in order to ease the pain of administration most will find mixing the Suspension with another item will ease the pain. You can mix your Testosterone-Suspension with other steroids you may be using in the same syringe in the same injection even if they are oil based, however many prefer mixing their Testosterone-Suspension with injectable B-12.

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Beyond its level of potency, Testosterone-Suspension will provide the same benefits of all testosterone forms; however, many Testosterone-Suspension users report less water retention with this form than any other. For this reason, many competitive bodybuilders will use Suspension during a contest prep cycle in order to keep water retention at a minimum. However, the difference in water retention between this testosterone and say Testosterone-Propionate is very minimal and always largely diet dependent as well as dependent on estrogen conversion as we will see.

Testosterone-Suspension will aromatize at the same rate as all testosterones and as we understand the aromatase effects are high. This aromatizing effect can cause water retention due to the buildup of estrogen, as the hormone will convert, as well as cause other estrogenic side-effects such as Gynecomastia. To combat this to the highest extent we will always couple our testosterone use with an aromatase inhibitor such as Arimidex or Letrozol. By using an aromatase inhibitor we prevent the estrogen from binding, thereby reducing the aromatizing side-effects and even their probability.

Although the injection pain can be quite great and side-effects are probable without responsible use, when used responsibly and bearing through the pain we can see some of the best results with Testosterone-Suspension as compared to other testosterone forms. With a strong androgenic nature we can rapidly increase size and with powerful anabolic effects we can rapidly increase strength. Further, with the use of Testosterone-Suspension we will see our recovery abilities far increased and we will see the efficiency of all our work greatly increase. Although all testosterones can provide these same benefits, as Testosterone-Suspension is milligram for milligram a little more potent, it will simply bring them about faster and with a little more fire.