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Testosterone Suspension is an anabolic steroid used by very few steroid users despite it being an excellent product. Many are petrified of the compound due to message boards often claiming it hurts like hell. Further, the idea of injecting anything once or twice a day is enough to turn most anyone away. As for the pain, if you buy Testosterone Suspension you will notice sore injected areas. Is it is bad as it's often purported to be? No, not really, not if you're using a high quality product, but if you're using underground garbage this water-based steroid can bring about a world of debilitating pain. As for the injection frequency, unfortunately, there's not a lot we can do about that. If you buy Testosterone Suspension you'll be injecting it on a daily basis, and if you can't then you need to buy something else.

Buy Testosterone Suspension Quality Suspension:

When you make any anabolic steroid purchase, the quality and purity of the product should always be a concern. The last thing you want is a contaminated product, but when you buy Testosterone Suspension this becomes more important. Most injectable steroids are suspended in oil, but this particular compounded is almost always suspended in water. As a result, it is much easier for bacteria to survive in the compound if it wasn't manufactured in a sterile environment with high quality ingredients. For this reason, when you buy Testosterone Suspension, you need to be extremely careful regarding who you buy from. If you decide to buy Testosterone Suspension, your best bet will always be sticking with Human Grade (Pharmaceutical) labels.

When to Buy Testosterone Suspension:

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The most common reasons anyone will ever buy Testosterone Suspension is for off-season bulking or to enhance athletic performance. This steroid is not commonly used in cutting cycles; however, it is used for such a purpose in some elite competitive bodybuilding circles. For most men, as most steroid users are simply gym rats, off-season bulking will be the primary focus, and with such use you have a couple of options. Many like to use the compound as a kick-starter in order to produce rapid gains while the slower steroids are building in their system. This is similar to the method of using Anadrol or Dianabol as a kick-starting agent.

Another great reason to buy Testosterone Suspension is for pre-workout purposes. Many enjoy injecting the testosterone a few hours before training so that their levels are peaked once they hit the gym, and this ensures they maximize their training each and every time. While this is a great purpose of use, it's typically one only more advanced bodybuilders will undertake. Those who are truly advanced and hardcore will often add Anadrol or Dianabol to the pre-workout Suspension injection with possible B-12.

As for athletic performance, this is also a great reason to buy Testosterone Suspension. Many athletes will actually use very low doses of the compound, just enough to meet their testosterone needs that have been suppressed by the use of other steroids. In such cases, the individual is normally using steroids that carry short detection times, and as this testosterone only has a detection time of a few days it's the optimal choice. I t can also be used at higher doses for direct athletic performance, and because of its fast acting nature those who buy Testosterone Suspension for this purpose will see fast, powerful results. With such use, strength will increase, and this can relate to both power and speed, which in the end results in a better athlete.