Testosterone Suspension Doses

Testosterone Suspension doses are some of the lowest testosterone doses we’ll ever use. As there is no ester attached to this compound, this means there’s more active hormone on a per milligram basis than compared to other versions; in-fact, it’s 100% testosterone. In order for this to make sense, consider Testosterone Cypionate, one of the most popular testosterone compounds on earth. With Testosterone Cypionate, the Cypionate ester takes up part of the compounds total mass, and as a result every 100mg will yield approximately 70mg of actual testosterone with the remainder being ester. As the Suspension version has no ester, 100mg yields 100mg of testosterone.

Testosterone Suspension doses are normally only a concern for two specific purposes, off-season bulking or enhancing athletic performance. It can be used for cutting, but very few will do so due to possible water retention issues. As for therapeutic treatment, Testosterone Suspension doses at a total of 50-150mg per week depending on need is standard. However, this testosterone is rarely used for this purpose in the modern era due to the availability of ester-based versions. This leaves us with performance enhancement, and on that basis we want to see if we can find the right Testosterone Suspension doses for you.

Testosterone Suspension Doses for Bulking:

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For most men, Testosterone Suspension doses will normally fall in the 25-50mg per day range at a minimum if the compound is used to promote off-season growth. Such a dose will provide fast gains; however, Testosterone Suspension doses that fall in the 50-100mg per day range are far more common. In either case, you’ll need to keep on eye on estrogenic activity, but such doses should be controllable for most men if they take the proper preventative measures. Please see the side effects link. Regardless of where your Testosterone Suspension doses fall, most will find 8 weeks of use to be about all they want, and if the cycle is to continue past this point to simply rely on ester-based testosterones.

Newbie Testosterone Suspension Doses:

As you may have noticed, we went right into Testosterone Suspension doses without mentioning anything about newbies, and that was not an accident. This is typically not an anabolic steroid for newbies as it’s too easy to fall prey to side effects when you don’t have any experience with anabolic steroids. If you are new to anabolic steroids, your best bet will be sticking with compounds like Testosterone Cypionate or Testosterone Propionate until you get the hang of things. Once you do, if you want to give the ester free version a try, you’ll know where your Testosterone Suspension doses need to be.

Testosterone Suspension Doses for Athletic Performance:

In order to enhance athletic performance, lower Testosterone Suspension doses can be applied compared to off-season bulking levels. When it comes to enhancing athletic performance, we’re not concerned with growth, but rather an increase in strength, speed and muscular endurance. For this purpose, hardly a man alive will need more than 50mg per day, and many men will be just fine with 25mg per day; especially if they’re stacking the compound with another steroid. As with bulking, athletic enhancing Testosterone Suspension doses will normally be best served by 8 weeks of use.